Differences Between Golf Balls

Another decisive factor when practicing this sport is the balls the players use.

As with other golf products, there are also many different brands, types, prices, characteristics to consider when choosing a golf ball.

Today we will talk about the most relevant balls in the market and therefore which of them will be the most beneficial for your game.

Types of balls:

We can divide golf balls into two large groups: Hard Balls and Soft Balls.

Hard Balls:

This first group is characterised by offering greater control of your strike since it has three layers or more. There are also multilayers, which combine distance, player sensitivity and durability.

Soft Balls:

This type of ball is characterised by greater distance, but with less control. It only has two layers and its main market is advanced or professional players.

Currently, we can also find recycled balls, these are characterised, as their name suggests, in balls that have already been used before but are still in good condition and are offered to extend the life of the product. They are usually classified in A, B or C. Group A is almost intact, while the last group is more worn and therefore they are commonly used on the range.

Callaway ERC Soft

Srixon Soft Feel

Taylor Made Soft Response

Callaway Super Soft

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Titleist Tour Speed