Choosing your new driver

Currently there are many drivers on the market, each one has differences and unique characteristics that influence the stroke. The basic principle when choosing a new driver should be performance. To correctly choose a driver, you must follow a series of guidelines that suit you correctly.

Head volume:

The allowed size today is 460cc, although 430cc and 440cc models still exist. The smaller dimensions are aimed at players looking to maximise distance. However, these heads also make it difficult to shoot off center of the face.

On the other hand, size goes hand in hand with flexibility, so if the driver has a larger head, it will have less pressure when hitting, which achieves greater precision.

The material or component of the head:

There are two components to make a driver head: steel and titanium. Lighter materials such as newer steels or titanium allow producers to create thinner heads, therefore by building lighter heads they can be larger.

We must emphasise that there is no type of magic material that will get the ball to be directed where you want, you’ll need to try the different materials that exist in the market and assess the one that best suits you.

The loft angle:

The degrees of loft are equivalent to the degrees of inclination of the head and therefore the angle of the swing. The more degrees it has loft, the greater the trajectory will be, the distance will be shorter but it will be easier to control the line.

The ideal is to try different clubs with different lofts to assess which one best suits your swing. As for women, they tend to get less travel speed, therefore looking for a higher launch angle in order to maximise distance. As for the men: ball speed: 165 mph, launch angle: 11º-12º, ball spin: 2,200-2,600 rpm.

Shaft material:

Being aware of how fast you take your swing determines which type of shaft is best for you.

Today, there are many materials focused on the shaft, which provide different strokes. Being aware that you have a fast swing, you will need a stiffer shaft. In this sense, the most recommended are the steel ones or the “xtra stiff, or xx-stiff” inside the graphite shafts. On the other hand, if you have a slower swing, you need a more flexible or regular shaft, which gains distance with the flexibility that the club provides.