Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

As we all know, playing golf requires at least four hours walking, therefore the main thing when starting to practice this beautiful sport is to get shoes that fit your feet perfectly in order to enjoy the game. First of all, we must know that there are currently many brands that produce shoes with differences and similarities, brands such as: Footjoy, Adidas, Skechers, Ecco, Nike, Puma, among many others available in our shop. The most important thing to do when buying a new shoe is to try it on to see if it fits your foot shape and walk a little to decide since, for example, for some it is preferable to choose wider shoes, while for others this will be uncomfortable and you will need narrower ones. In this blog you will find the different styles of golf shoes that exist currently on the market and thus be able to make an assessment of the best option for you.

By Style

1. Classic Shoes

This type of style pursues the aesthetics of the first golf shoes that were created. It is the most elegant and traditional. Footjoy is the brand that follows this design the most?

Footjoy specialise in Classic Golf Shoes

2. Sports Shoes

Brands like Nike, Adidas, and also different models of Footjoy, have recreated this type of design, in our store this style of shoe is the most popular.

3. Urban Style

These are those golf shoes that could go unnoticed in everyday life. Ecco perfectly reflects this style. This type of shoe is characterised by its comfort.

Sole Type

1. Spiked Sole

These soles have studs that are used for greater grip on wet surfaces. This type of sole is created exclusively for golf. Formerly the spikes were made of steel but now they are made of plastic to avoid possible accidents.

2. Textured Sole

These can be used when the course is not so wet, since they have less grip. An advantage of this type of sole is that it does not weigh very much nor is as uncomfortable as the  spiked soles can be.

Chosen material

1. Leather

Being made of leather, the price of these shoes increases, since it is regarded as the best material for shoes. Currently the most used and preferred by consumers is a type of leather called gore-tex. It is a very good quality leather and totally waterproof.

2. Fabric

The price of these shoes drops considerably. They are usually used in the dry seasons since they are not water resistant and breathe much more than shoes made of leather or plastic.

3. Plastic

Finally there are plastic shoes. Very similar to the effect of leather being waterproof but much cheaper although they are also less resistant and breathable.

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